Daftar Mp3 Opening & Ending Bleach


  1.  Asterisk by Orange Range
  2. D-tecnolife by UVERworld
  3. Ichirin no Hana by High and Mighty Color
  4. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by Beat Crusaders
  5. Rolling Star by YUI
  6. ALONES by Aqua Timez
  7. After Dark by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  8. chu-Bura by Kelun
  9. Velonica by Aqua Times
  10. Shoujo S by scandal
  11. Anima rosa by Porno Graffity
  12. Change by Miwa
  13. Melody of the Wild Dance by SID
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  1. Life is Like a Boat by Rei Fu
  2. Thank You! by Home Made Kazoku
  3. Houkiboshi (Abandoned Star) by Younha
  4. Happy People by Skoop on Somebody
  5. Life by Yui
  6. My Pace by SunSet Swish
  7. Hanabi by Ikimono-Gakari
  8. MOVIN!! by Takacha
  9. Baby It's You by JUNE
  10. Sakura Biyori by Hoshimura Mai
  11. Tsumasaki by Ore Ska Band
  12. Daidai by Chatmonchy
  13. Tane wo Maku Hibi by Atari Kousuke
  14. Khansa by RSP
  15. Orange by Lil'B
  16. Gallop by Pe'zmoku
  17. Hitohira no Hanabira by AIMI
  18. Sky Chord by Sion Shuji
  19. Kimi wo Mamotte.Kimi wo Ashite by Sambomaster
  20. Mad Sufer by Kenichi Asai
  21. Sakurabito by SunSet Swish
  22. Tabidatsu Kimi e by RSP
  23. Stay beautiful by Diggy-Mo
  24. Echoes by  Universe
  25. Last moment by spyair
  26. Song for.. by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
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